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Our Story

NeoMatrix Therapeutics, Inc. (NMT) was founded by Richard A. Clark, M.D., Professor of Dermatology, Biomedical Engineering, and Medicine at Stony Brook University.

After years of investigating why wounds fail to heal, Dr. Clark and Dr. Lin discovered a cell-survival peptide in the extracellular matrix (ECM) protein fibronectin (FN) that is absent in nonhealing wounds and burns.  This peptide, called NMT-cP12, promotes tissue cell survival and growth under harsh culture conditions that mimic unfavorable wound conditions.  Dr. Clark also found that NMT-cP12 limited burn injury progression, shortened healing time and decreased scarring in a porcine burn model burn. 

In 2007, the US Army began funding the development of NMT-cP12 and has supported NMT’s continued development of this compound and the Company’s follow-on compound NMT-cNP8.


NMT is headquartered in the Long Island High Tech Incubator on the campus of Stony Brook University.

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