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NeoMatrix Therapeutics: NMT- cNP8 (IV & Topical Therapy)

NMT-cNP8 is a novel, bioactive peptide for intravenous and topical treatment of burns within 8 to 24 hours post-injury. NMT-cNP8 has the potential to limit burn injury progression, shorten healing time, and reduce scarring of acute, deep burns.


NMT-cNP8 was engineered by NeoMatrix to serve as both a topical and an IV treatment for severe burns. Like NMT-cP12, NMT- cNP8 promotes mesenchymal cell growth, proliferation and migration in vitro and acts synergistically with a variety of growth factors including platelet-derived growth factor-BB. However, unlike NMT-cP12, NMT-cNP8 is effective topically because it resists both exopeptidases as well as neutrophil elastase, which are known to play a major role in Fibronectin degradation in burn wound fluid. NMT-cNP8 may be used independently or in combination with NMT-cP12.


Development Plans

NMT-cNP8 is in pre-IND development for IV use.  We expect to file an IND in late 2022.

NMT-cNP8 is in preclinical testing with several different topical delivery vehicles and NMT-cNP8 in the the selected vehicle is expected move to pre-IND development by 2022.



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